Thursday, December 6, 2012

Media Matters

The article Media and Ideology was really interesting and there is a lot to be said about how much media impacts us as a society. I like the quote "Given that these kinds of media criticism are often well received, there is good reason to believe that large numbers of the public also perceive the media as purveyors of ideology—even if they don’t use the term. Media sell both products and ideas, both personalities and worldviews; the notion that mass media products and cultural values are fundamentally intertwined has gained broad public acceptance." As a whole we take what the media shows us and believe it instead of  stepping back and thinking for ourselves. Even though we know the media can twist things and make them not what they really are. We need to make them accountable for their actions as we would anyone who was lying or slandering someone or something. 

In other words, different ideological perspectives, representing different interests with unequal power, engage in a kind of struggle within media texts" this happens all the time! Just like we were talking about how Fox News was reporting different election night news than CNN or any other news channel. The people in control contort news so it benefits them, not us. This other quote from the text goes along with what I just said "The morality of abortion, homosexuality, or capital punishment is debated, often in very polarized terms, in the mass media, as cultural conservatives and cultural progressives alike use various media technologies to promote their positions." Each media group has their own hidden agenda and many people can't see that. They are all fighting for what they want not what benefits society as a whole. 

I found this article really interesting its about the media and politics and how certain media outlets are controlled by certain wealthy people who have their own political agenda. 


  1. The ideology that media portrays is ridiculous. They glamorize everything that shouldn't be.

  2. Agreed with Mike and Chelsea great on your blog. Every media content has there own hidden agenda, very much agreed but it who uses it and applies it to their life shows success to those that try.